Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Measure of a Man

I don't recall the exact circumstances, but it must have been over a month ago that I shaved my beard while neglecting the upper lip. I do know that it was supposed to be a joke. Moustaches are always funny when found on the faces of those under 30. I got a lot of laughs but of course a lot of people didn't know it was a joke and merely assumed that I have no style. Not that they're wrong, but I do know that my moustache is not exactly stylish.
At first I thought that a week would be the appropriate amount of time for this particular joke. However, I also thought that it might come in handy at Halloween should I need it for a costume. Well Halloween is almost over, I didn't actually go to any costume party and now I don't have an excuse for my moustache. So I should shave it. However, I don't want to. Maybe it's like some strange variation of the Stockholm Syndrome where I've a misplaced loyalty.
This blog sucks but my moustache is AWESOME!!!
I just don't feel like writing more.
I did serendipitously discover this sweet link which doesn't do much for my motivation for shaving.
Sweet Link


PsySal said...

Ed, I like your moustaches. Some people will always say they lack style or are just plain sleazy but I don't think so. I think a moustache is a sign of the person who wears it, like a hairstyle or a favorite shirt. So you might ask, what does it mean that you wear a moustache? Is it really a joke?

I might ask of myself, what does it mean that I shave my entire face as smooth as a babe's bottom every other day, when much of the world perhaps considers a man without facial hair some sort of freak of nature?

The mystics all had beards and moustaches. Something about our culture fears that facial hair on a man might be too human, not sterile or safe enough.

Debbi said...

Mustaches are the scourge of the world. I will continue to discourage your love of these vile bits of facial hair...because they really are vile. You need to read Roald Dahl's "The Twits". This will give you a proper idea of how awful mustaches are.