Friday, January 11, 2008

2008 Will Be Great!

Well it's starting off as a disappointing year, at least concerning my blog. This is my first blog of 2008 and I can already tell that it's going to be a lousy post. I'm not sure what makes me so sure but I'll give you the first ten reasons that fly into my muddled head.
1. I haven't yet decided on a subject for this blog.

2. The title doesn't have a witty pun.

3. To mix things up I decided to use the Trebuchet font and I actually think that it might be the highlight of this post.
4. No pictures.
5. The beer I'm currently drinking is mildly mediocre.
6. My blog is not endorsed by beautiful, buxom, nubile girls.
7. My mildly mediocre beer is now finished.
8. I still haven't got a subject for this post.
9. I can't even think of another reason and I've already recycled two reasons.
10. I'm depressed because even though this blog is totally crap, it's my best post of the year.

On the plus side, I don't have to worry about continuity because I never had a subject to begin with so if I were to discuss, for example, the merits of the Alexander Technique for actors and musicians it really wouldn't be out of place. It would be an efficient way of losing readers though.
This blog notwithstanding, I think that 2008 will be a good blog year because I hope to have a wealth of material for blogging come February. That is when my trip begins.
I think that it will be fun. Here is a picture of my travel partner Luis.

Here is a picture of me.

Here is a map of where we are going.

My blog should improve. (Knock on wood.)


Debbi said...

I love the photo of Luis!

Leif Baradoy said...

Let's get those posts coming! Yee haw.

Kevin Saff said...

Ed, in 2008 I plan to leave more and wittier comments on your blog, but unfortunately this one isn't it, because it is neither humorous or substantial.

PsySal said...

I want you to know that the Trebuchet font doesn't show up on my computer, so I don't even get that.

Michelle said...

Nice choice of font. Fabulous pictures.

lowenfels said...

I assume you've probably seen Motorcycle Diaries, but if not, definitely check it out before you go to South America :-) (it's pretty inspiring)