Friday, November 16, 2007

Sometimes I Just Don't Have Anything to Blog About.

It seems as though I'm going through a bit of dry spell with blogging lately. Unusually, I don't have anything hysterically funny or amazingly profound to blog about. I decided instead to zip back through my old blog archives and find something that many of you probably haven't read. So here it is, although I'm not angry anymore. This was just one of those things that seems to happen to me will unfortunate regularity.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Seems Altogether Tame, Almost Noble

Fairly late in the evening last night I overheard Kevin ask Calvin and Clement if they wanted to play a game.
"Are you guys playing Boggle?" I asked hopefully. Boggle has been the game of choice around Chateau Rockingham and I can always be suckered into a game, not matter what the time.
My hopes were dashed though, Kevin had a new game that none of us, him included, had played before; Gnostica. Gnostica is a strategy game similar to Risk in that the players compete to win territory. The main difference is that the territories are made up of playing cards. The thing that struck me is that instead of using regular playing cards Gnostica requires a deck of Tarot cards.
I wasn't too sure how I felt morally about playing with Tarot cards. I decided to join in the game though, and to later carefully consider the consequence of playing a potentially satanic game.
The rules were explained and the cards dealt out. I picked up my cards with misgivings about touching them. I know it's a knee-jerk reaction from growing up being taught to stay away from games of divination such as Ouija Board and Tarot cards but on the other hand maybe there was good reason for my caution. Calvin was talking about how the cards were invented for playing games, just like a regular deck of cards, rather then forecasting the future so it makes sense if there's no harm in them.
I felt slightly better as I rifled through my cards until I discovered that I held the devil card. I didn't like this revelation because it somewhat confirmed my fears and because the devil is ugly. I changed my mind slightly however, once we began playing and I realized that the devil is a strong card to have. I was even happier once devil pictured on the card started speaking words of advice. I later realized that the advice was only mediocre but even so the devil was good for my self esteem. Until he told me, I never realized how great a person I am and how I'm far too humble.
The game progressed but not quickly enough. I soon realized that the game was evil, robbing me of much needed sleep. We continued on until after 12:00am sometime when I finally declared a pause. Still feeling nervous about the whole Tarot deck I headed downstairs to brush my teeth. I decided to closely examine myself in the mirror for signs of possession. I didn't notice anything, likely because my face now failed to cast a reflection, it's probably unrelated.
On a serious note, I'm still not sure whether I'd want to play with the Tarot deck again, despite Gnostica being a a fun game. It would take less than a minute and I'd be interested in your opinion. I humbly request that you simply post "play" or "don't play" as a comment.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Online Prospecting

I have been accused, justly perhaps, of having a large percentage of blogs being focused on my being single. After hearing this accusation I decided to abstain from writing any more blogs on this subject but today I am going to rescind that decision, but for a great reason.
Yesterday I was reading a blog that I enjoy when a banner ad caught my eye. It was for an online dating site, common enough to be sure but this one is caters to certain people. There are many examples of niche market dating sites. There are sites that are religion specific, or that are for those who share similar interests but the site I discovered yesterday focused on, in my opinion, the two most important characteristics: wealth and looks. is "The premier dating site for rich, wealthy, and beautiful singles." Finally the site I've been waiting for. Now I will really not be writing any more blogs about being single because those days are numbered.
I immediately created an account. The problem lay with what my profile name should be. Something that should leap out, I tried "God'sgifttowomen" but it was taken so I went with shallowandarrogant. Actually I did none of these things.
There are four options for people setting up accounts. "I am seeking a: [sic] Wealthy Men, Attractive Men, Wealthy Females, Attractive Females." However, there was no category for "seeking a wealthy and attractive female," so why should I even waste my time?