Sunday, September 16, 2007

Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds...

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Brian and Rochelle's wedding. (I know that there are a lot of girls out there who had their eyes on Brian but it's too late now and if you're willing to settle then I'm willing to play second fiddle.) There's a bit of an unwritten rule that masculine guys shouldn't like weddings so sometimes I pretend that I don't really like them but really I do, in a "thank God it's not me" sort of way.
Colour me a hopeless romantic but I love the idea of two lives becoming one, the symbolism of marriage, the reception with friends and family and if they're good, the speeches. (A bad speech though, is, I agree, horrible.) One of my favourite parts of the wedding is when the bride enters, everyone stands, the groom stands at the front with a foolish look of love, awe, joy, maybe a bit of fear, and the dad walks his daughter down the isle trying to hold back the tears. Beautiful.
I was thinking about weddings a lot on Sunday and in my head I started composing this blog. I didn't have time to write it though so I started this evening but the only thin I really remember is the joke about playing second fiddle so unfortunately this blog kinda sucks. I will do better next time I promise.
(Lately while analyzing the quality of my most recent blogs I've been wondering if my blog's entered what historians will eventually dub, "Ed's Declining Phase.")


PsySal said...

Hahha, yes all that crap about the bride and tears and the father, somehow it just didn't seem like your typical inspiration for blogging.

The second fiddle joke, now *that* I can see =)

lowenfels said...

What's funny about the whole marriage tradition is that the "best man" historically is the stand-in. If the groom is killed in battle before the wedding, the bride can marry the best man instead. So....if you're asked to be the best man make sure you like the bride ;-)