Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I love books.  I love bookshelves.  I love old, comfy chairs with afghans thrown over the back.  If there's an extra chair I'm happy to have a cat sleeping in one of the chairs.

I think the invention of the internet has dulled my love affair with books.  There's an immediacy to receiving emails that, from my perspective, seems to have dulled my attention span.  Whereas once I could sit and read for hours without distraction now I generally have to consciously refocus every few minutes in all but the most enthralling of books.  That's partly why I'm so glad to have quit facebook; I feel like it was altering my mind in a literal way.  Something is always happening on facebook and that knowledge often tricked me into believing that I should always be aware of what that something is.

Two weeks ago I spent several hours discussing books with some friends.  Favourite books, books that we wanted to like but didn't, and general thoughts about literature.  It was most satisfying.  I think that reading, while generally a solitary pastime, should be accompanied by social discussions.  I think most lessons contained with books are lost if they are not discussed with others.

I want to read more.  Not in the way people say things like "I should exercise more", or "watch less TV", the sorts of things that are perceived as beneficial but are actually like chores.  I love reading.  Sometimes I just need to remind myself of that fact.

As far as blog posts go, this one is rather pathetic.  I'm hoping that this is one of those things where "it's the thought that counts".  In any case, without posting to facebook it's doubtful that I'll have many readers.  What I mean to say is, "this blog post is for you Steph!"  Hopefully I'll have something better to write soon.

Here's a picture of roughly what sort of library I'd like.  It's too nice, and there aren't enough books either.  Plus the books are too pretentious looking.  I'd like paperbacks as well as leather tomes.  The chairs, rug, fireplace and old man are all features that will someday be part of my library.


Amy Goerzen said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! I thought maybe you'd abandoned it. My home library would have to be a bit cozier, though...more like this
but with books instead of magazines or whatnot on the shelves.

Kellen Heide said...

I have to agree with you Ed; your future library is charming. All that is missing, I think, is a glass of scotch and a box of cigars...
Should you ever decide to construct it, in all hopeful seriousness, I hope that you also launch and host a readers' society.